Funko Pop Vinyl & Geeky Goodies

I’m absolutely gutted my popinabox subscrption hasn’t arrived yet, it’s not that it’s late, it hasn’t even been a week but I’m just very impatient and looking forward to the suprise. In preparation I’ve been clearing out a couple of my Funko Pop Vinyl, there are a few that look completely out of place in our collection and it’s time I found them a new home.

Funko Pop Vinyl for sale

I knew I’d accumulated quite a few geeky goodies that I would never use but I wasn’t quite aware of just how much it had added up. That been said I’ve started adding my Funko Pop Vinyls that need a home as well as other geeky items to my store. If your interested just press the buy button. All prices include signed for postage and are available to UK residents.

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I’ll be adding a couple more things day by day so stop by and see what’s been added.


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