Swatches Uploaded!

Hey guys,

Quick update, swatches are now uploaded and welcome to my specktra friends,to anyone who hasnt heard of specktra click the link and take a look especially if your a huge fan of Mac of any make up in general.

Thanks for you patience while I uploaded 🙂

Catch you later

Jo x

Swatches and a Blonde Moment

Hey guys,

Sorry I know there havent been any looks lately but Ive been so busy and time has literaly flown. There will be one up tonight I promise,not sure what kinda look im doing yet but you’ll like it 🙂

The sun is shining in wales again but I’m in work so don’t see much of it lol,  I was going to uploaded swatches of all my make up which I went through and took picture of last night,I edited them and put the names on but i forgot to upload them to flickr…yup typical i know so they will all be uploaded tonight instead of this morning.

Catch you later

Jo x

A Very Long Day At Work

Hey all,

No make up look, I know thats not like me but I’ve had the longest day ever,it seemed never ending.

I was running late for work this morning,got Paige up for breakfast,changed and ready to go,got Ceri up…he doesnt eat breakfast and he’s never ready to go lol. I was up at 06:50 which is early for me,Paige woke me but still I mange to be late as I was cleaning up the mess of coco pops all over the floor.

I managed to get the bare minimum of make up (yes eyeliner and mascara on) but I felt so bare all day not my usual self.

Here’s a question,what are your essentials?, what is the one item of make up you cant leave the house without putting on?

Anyway thats it for me tonight,I’m shattered and have to get some sleep,night everyone x

A Brief Update and The New Comment System

Hey all,

Here’s a quick update I haven’t written a blog for a few days so I thought I’d tell you what was going on.

Wales is no longer sunny for one,yes we are back to full blown rain…oh well it was nice when it lasted just hope we will have some more soon.

Enough about the weather,my other half has put a new commenting system on the site which means you don’t have to be a twitter member to comment, when we first put this in it seemed like a great idea but we then thought we are excluding all the other people that might want to comment…especially all my friends on specktra (sorry girls and guys). So Ceri has put the new comment system up and you don’t need to register to comment. Let us know what you think 🙂

There will be a new look up tonight,not sure what yet but I’ll suprise you 🙂

Catch you later x

New Look – Style Warrior Look

Hey everyone,

I hope you’ve all had an amazing day like I have, its really hot here in wales again (wonder whos getting our rain lol),we took the little one down the beach to fly a kite for the first time and she loved it. The funniest thing that happened though was Ceri (my other half) landed the kite on some unsuspecting guys head he must still have concusion 🙂

Today I’ve done a style warrior look with my new colours and it came out gorgeous who ever knew that yellow could be such a nice color eye shadow that means some experimenting to see what other colours it goes with.Any suggestions leave me a comment 🙂

catch you all later x

Mini Haul and A Day Out

Hey guys,

I’ve had such an amazing day with my little girl shes so fun to spend time with and like a best friend to me. Most parents can’t take their kids shopping as they will be screaming and crying,no not my little one first thing she says to me on a saturday  (after coco-pops) is shops. And we spend the day strolling around just looking at all the pretty colours,shoes and of course make up. She loves the make up because of all the different colors,she is just adorable.

This week was diffrent because we were going on the big bus as she calls it to Cardiff, She loved the bus ride she was munching her crisps and drinking her juice (how many 2 year olds do you know that can sit contently on the bus for an hour). We had so much fun in the Mac store,she had all the staff talking to her and she loved it. She also told me which colors to buy especially Vibrant Grape (both our favorite colour is purple lol). We shopped and ate and headed home and now shes fast asleep on the sofa next to me…everyday should be this much fun 🙂

I’ve uploaded a swatch of most the colors,I had a few more but the picture weren’t good enough to put up. I bought woodwinked e/s,vibrant grape e/s, bright future e/s and select moisture cover for those days when I really need it (everyday when I don’t get enough sleep…hehe)

Thanks for reading,until later x

A Lovely Sunny Day In Wales

Hey guys,

Yep you read the heading right it is a gorgeous day in Wales, there are clouds and a breeze but its still warm.Finally t-shirt weather and I’m stuck in work…oh well. Rain stay away please…

I will have another look for you all tonight,I’m wearing Mac Aquadisiac and Newly minted today with a bit of sable in crease.Very nice color for a very nice day. I’m not sure what my look will be tonight but I promise you it will be something great.

Enjoy your day and don’t get up to any mischeif -_-

Jo x

Update and New Look

Hey guys,

Just a quick update while sitting here in work, I posted a look this morning I know cheesy title but I fancied something diffrent, I love the look but the photos do it no justice and I can’t find the right light anywhere that shows the pink shimmeriness of the colour,Mac Milk pigment is gorgeous and I love the colour.

I’ve got quite a few new looks planned hopefully there should be another new one up tonight so come and have a look.

The site is now fully active the only thinking missing is the contact page which will be up soon I promise.

Enjoy your day x

Welcome to my website everyone!

Hey everyone,

Welcome to my website I hope you will find exactly what your looking for here,be it advice,swatches,reviews or a new look.I will be uploading various looks that I have either created or something I have worn in everyday life (yep thats work lol)

If you want me to create a look just asking I’ll be willing to help,just say Hi its always nice to make a new friend. you can also follow me on twitter retropinuplady

Now that the intro is over, thanks for looking at my page,have a good look round.My favorite products are Mac/Illamasqua/Urban Decay so you’ll be seeing alot of them but every color can be duped by a brand you can find in the hightstreet.

Talk to you all soon

Jo x