Electric Avenue New Brights Collection from George

Georges new Electric Avenue is a mix of patterns and brights, bright blues dogtooth patterns as well as geo patterns, kaleidoscope and deco looks. It’s not a collection that inspires me to run out and buy anything but its worth a look.   My favourite piece from this collection is by far the Dogtooth dress, take a look at the print closely:   Do you see the colours?, I love the twist of this.


Blazer & Jackets at George

One of the most recent trends I’ve noticed is Blazers and Jackets, when you think of this its hard not to have the image of over-sized unflattering attire but this summer that just isn’t the case. I’ve seen colourful ones as well as the spotty patterned ones (which I have my eye on) and I’m thinking this is the new cardigan or at least it seems to be heading that way. I’ve gathered a few from George that I think are worth adding to your wardrobe for either those chilly evenings...