Pop In A Box – Get a FREE Pop and 5% Discount

Pop In A Box Referral System

Pop In A Box are now offering a 5% discount to all new members when they join via a referral link.

Whats better is as a thank you, the referer gets a free pop for every four people refered.

Already signed up to PIAB? Visit popinabox.co.uk/user/free-pops to get your own referral link and start earning free pops.

Not a member yet feel free to use ours to get 5% off your order https://popinabox.co.uk/?a=P1neapple there is nothing stopping you then grabbing your own and earning some free pops too.

What’s even better is the number of people you refer and the number of pops you can get is unlimited. Refer 4 people get a free pop, refer 8 and get 2 etc etc etc.

Pop In A Box Referral System
Diagram Showing how the Referral system works.

Glossybox Treat

Who fancies a little treat with money off their GlossyBox this month?

Have a look beneath the photo for your treat…

Here’s your treat 15% when you order a month to month subscription, the discount is off your first box. Just go to GlossyBox and enter the code “AFFJULY15OFF” at the checkout.

She Said Beauty Box – Jubilee Special Offer

She Said Beauty are one of the most well known beauty boxes around at the moment and if you haven’t heard of this latest craze let me fill you in. The beauty box craze is where you order a box of goodies to arrive every month direct to your door or work if you choose. The box contains 5 items of either bath,face,perfume or make-up in either sample size or if your lucky a few items may even be full size. When you join you will fill in a beauty profile but be warned She Said Beauty are not yet personalizing the boxes so the products you get may not match your skin type or the preference you stated in your beauty profile when signing up.

Still its worth a try and may even be a small indulgence to order a box for yourself or as a gift to a friend. Does that sound tempting?

Then keep on reading…

If you haven’t tried a beauty box yet and want to give one a try. She Said Beauty have a deal on for the Queens Jubilee, to celebrate her 60 years as our Queen, She Said Beauty are offering 60% off a 6 months subscription. Yep that’s 60%!!!

This deal is vaild from the 1st June to the 6th June

To get your hands on this offer just go to She Said Beauty and in the voucher code put ” JUBILEE60 “.