May GlossyBox – Unboxing & Review

I hope you guys are enjoying the new content of my blog, if you haven’t already seen the new additions then go have a look round (after reading this post).

I loved everything about the April Glossybox and hopefully I’ll have some reviews going live soon but I wasn’t planning on getting until I saw I’d reached my 1000 glossydots. For those that aren’t already members, for every product you recieve in your box you get a survey and for each survey you complete you recieve glossydots. You can only recieve and use your glossydots when you have an active subscription.  So I’ve reached 1000 which means I can get a free box,
which I’ve used to get my May glossybox.



If you don’t want to know what is in the box or if your waiting for your own then it’s time to look away. If your too curious then take a look at what I recieved:


MEMEME – Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Eye Wand
From what I read I think everyone will have one of these in their box. Blue is a key look for spring and this dual-ended eyeshadow stick has two blue tones to offer. I don’t wear blue so this is going to be new for me but I’m willing to give it a try. It is a full size product worth £6.95.


Etre Bell – Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturising Gel
The perfect product for prepping your skin ready for summer and an instant rescue when your skin needs something more than your normal moisturiser. A gel that cools while delivering moisture deep below the surface of the skin and reviving your completion as well as a post-sun savior. Another full size product worth £15.93 which already takes us over the cost of the box with delivery.


Zerreau – Towel Off Shampoo Foam
Now this has my attention, classed as the next generation of dry shampoo, this apple scented beauty allows you to wash your hair with the foam formula and towel dry it off (no need for water). Could it really be that simple?
Not a full size product but full size product is worth £7.95.


SASS – Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate
I love these products when they actually work, I use to buy the Avon one but anyway. Described as a little treat for your skin post-shave or wax, this soothes your skin, reduces hair growth (woohoo), while exfoliating ingredients ensure no more ingrown hairs. Not a full size product and I don’t know if this is enough to trial but will definetly give it a go. Full size product £12.


Philosophy – Renewed Hope in a Jar refreshing & Refining Moisturiser
Endorsed by celebrities and top dermatologists this moisturiser is world-renowned for its skin enhancing qualities. It’s loaded with antioxidants which a unique  soufflé texture. It is said to reduce the appearance of lines, discolouration and uneven texture. Leaving you with a complextion that is hydrated, radiant and looking healthier than ever. Not a full size product but still looking forward to giving it a try although I’m not sure if the sample size will last long enough to give it a fair test. Full size is worth £35.50.


Overall a really good box this month and I’m looking forward to trying all the products. I usually prefer a box with a lot more make up but this time I like the range of products that have been put together and will happily test them.


Glossybox Reveal : April Iconic Box 2015

It’s been a few months since my last box, I was once again starting to stockpile products that were never getting used and I was getting disappointed in the boxes which at the end of the day was a complete waste of money.
I decided the GlossyBox April box was a must for me because it was my kind of box. For anyone who reads my posts regularly then you know I love the stars and looks of the past. I also can’t say no to red lipstick and black winged eyeliner. The theme of the box is Iconic as in the names Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. The glamorous movie stars that a lot of girls strive to be in their own way.



I couldn’t wait to recieve this box and wow look at it, already a big smile on my face before I even get to the contents. So here are the contents of this wonderful box:

Lord & Berry Lipstick Pencil : Kiss
A beautiful red lipstick pencil described as the perfect Marilyn red. A modern take on the classic pillar box red, this colour is just what you need for spring (and all year) in pencil form. The pencil form provides easier application as well as the formula been long-lasting with a matte finish. If you want a glossy finish just add a dab of lip balm.  A full size product worth £10 and it slips easily into your bag.

Astral Original Face and Body Moisturiser
A firm favourite amongst make up artists and stars since its creation in the 1950s, this rich moisturising cream is versatile and perfect no matter what your age. It can even be used as a make up remover!. At £3.89 per 200ml it’s not the most expensive product in the box but it’s definitely worth knowing about.

POP Beauty Kajal Eyeliner Pencil
I love my eyeliner and I’m looking forward to giving this a try. A pencil that makes creating that iconic cat eye even easier thanks to the sooty black pencil one end and the sponge applicator the other to create that flick. Want a smokier look just keep blending. Full size product worth £6.50.

Color Club Nail Polish : Barely There
As a rule I hate getting nail varnish, it’s never red in the boxes I get and that’s my favourite nail varnish colour but I can actually say I’m happy this time. I love nude nails as long as the colour works and it doesn’t look patchy. The nail vanish is perfect and is going to be one of my firm favourites when I need a change from red. Very sophisticated and glossy. Another full size product worth £4.10.

Nougat London : Soothing Bath Pearls
Wow these have scented the entire box and the smell is beautiful. An intoxicating, soothing aroma of Fig and Pink Cedar. I’ve just used my last Lush Bath Bomb so this is what’s going in my bath tonight. It’s a new launcher product for £6 per 35ml.


Overall I love this box, it doesn’t add up to a lot but I think i got my money’s worth and I love all the products. Couldn’t be happier. Look out for the reviews


Review: Rimmel BB Cream Matte

In the October GlossyBox I received a sample size of Rimmel BB Cream Matte,  this 8ml sample is perfect for trying out a product before buying it.

Rimmel London BB Cream Matte Review

It comes in two shades light and medium, personally light wasn’t light enough for me as it still looked a little dark on my skin tone but not so much that it wasn’t wearable. Just make sure your neck matches your face by applying down your neck too if needed.

Rimmel London BB Cream Matte Swatch

This 9in1 skin perfecting super makeup primes, moistures, minimises pores, conceals, covers, smoothes, mattifies, brightens and protects your skin. That’s a lot of a product that costs roughly £6.99.
So does it do all it says? Yes

I needed no primer underneath as the formula went on easily, the formula felt a little thick but I find this is common with most matte products but depending on how oily your skin is you may not find this a problem.

It covered up spots easily, only needed a little dab of extra product on stubbon spots and it covered dark circles without need of any extra product. My skin looked smoother without looking caked, it really only took a small amount of product so a full size would go a long way.

The matte formula speaks for itself as no shine is left but the brightening action makes your skin look natural. Also has SP15 to protect your skin on a daily basis.

All in all this is the perfect product for combination / oily skin. The formula although thick doesn’t clog your pores and once on feels like your wearing no make up at all. Its a time saver for anyone who hasn’t got a lot of time for make up in the morning or to throw in your bag and apply later. Busy mums for instance or students can take full advantage of this product that can do many things for a fraction of the cost of buying loads of products.

I would recommend this product and I’m hoping they will extend there range of shades.


GlossyBox October PopArt Edition

GlossyBox October Pop Art Edition
GlossyBox October Pop Art Box

I’ve been so excited about this box and couldn’t wait until dispatch day. I love the box, the Pop Art looks amazing and will sit beside my July box (the american flag inspired box) once it’s contents have been emptied out. I had a feeling this months GlossyBox wouldn’t let me down and I was more that right.

GlossyBox October Reveal

Below are the contents of my October GlossyBox:


NUXE Creme Fraiche De Beaute Mask
A 24 hour moisturising mask that hydrates and soothes skin, reducing redness and discomfort. It can be used once or twice a week and can be kept in the fridge for a more refreshing feel. I can’t wait to use this especially with the colder weather now setting in. The full size product comes in the box and its worth £19.50 for 50ml.

Etre Belle

Etre Belle Cosmetics Liplift Peel
A moisturising exfoliator to replenish your lips. The gentle formula removes the dead skin cells leaving behind soft lips in just 1 minute. Another full size product worth €12.95 for 15ml.

So Susan Flutter Mascara

So Susan Cosmetics Flutter Mascara
An intense carbon black mascara formulated with hyaluroric spheres so you get the darkest, curviest lashes possible. Two coats away from perfect lashes also a full size product £14.95 for 4ml.

Ciate London Paint Pot – Skinny Jeans

Ciate London Paint Pot – Skinny Jeans
A pop of colour to match the theme of the box, part of a range of 88 eye popping colours. Two coats to get the perfect colour, full size product worth £ 9 for 13.5ml.

Yves Rocher Perfume

Yves Rocher France Quelques Notes D’Amour
A beautiful fragrance that captures the essence of falling in love with notes of damascus rose, guaiac wood and patchoui. A full size product would cost £33 for 30ml. This is a sample size.

Rimmel London BB Cream Matte

Rimmel London BB Cream Matte
A multitasking 9in1 skin perfecting make up cream. A natural formula containing Kaolin, Witch Hazel and salicylic for a flawless matte look. A sample size product and the full size is £6.99 for 30ml.

GlossyBox October Contents

All together a really great box which I am very happy with. I wonder what other items were up on offer either way I wasn’t disappointed.


Review: ModelCo More Brows Fibre Gel

With this months GlossyBox I recieved the ModelCo More Brows Fibre Gel. I knew before hand that this was likely to be in my September box due to the sneak peek they gave us. I was excited about trying this product as I usually just use a black eyeshadow or pencil through my brows but I am terrible at remembering to set them and have ended up with smudged brows on more occasions that I care to think about. It just isn’t a good look.

GlossyBox September ModelCo More Brows

I tried this out straight away and I can tell you it’s worth the money. It goes on wet and sets dry so my main problem is solved. The coverage is perfect as long as you don’t go to heavy handed but you also have to want the bold brow so only a little bit isn’t going to get you your desired effect.

To use the product:
Just unscrew the wand from the bottle as you do with mascara and then brush the your eyebrows upwards (don’t press as this will cake your skin with product. Its that simple to get bold brows.

GlossyBox September ModelCo More Brows Fibre Gel Review

It comes in two shades light-medium and medium-dark. If you haven’t got your GlossyBox yet I’d get it for this product alone which is worth £14.95 for 3.5ml and you get the full size product.

Glossy Box September Revealed

Its that time of the year when the summer holidays have come to an end, the kids are back at school and the weather is cooling off. The evenings can be spent with a little more pampering especially when it gets a little colder. The september glossy box is full of little treats that are perfect for heading into the autumn months.


You may of may not have noticed I didn’t review the August box, that’s because I didn’t really feel there was anything worth review bar one product which I will use a couple more times before the review goes up. There are still some July product reviews to go up but all in good time. Lets have a look at this months box.

Inside the box

ModelCo : More Brows Fibre Gel


A brush on fibre gel to give the appearance of fuller thicker brows. Much easier that filling in with a pencil? We’ll see. A full size product that will cost you £14.95 for 3.5ml.

L’Oréal Professional : Mythic Masque


A hair masque designed to nourish and replenish the hair, the product should leave you with glossy locks. I knew there was two items you could possibly end up with due to the sneak peek and I’m pretty glad I got this as I’ve been over styling my hair lately and this could be just the treat it needs. This will cost you £15.50 for 200 ml.

SkinPep: Enzyme and Acid Peel Eye Cream


The peeling gel uses pineapple and papaya extracts to gently exfoliate your skin leaving it soft and bright. Full size £89.99 for 180 ml, £3.05 for 3.5 ml.
The eye cream is a powerful dark circle remover which uses anti-oxidant ingredients to boost collagen in the under eye area. Full size £44.99 for 15 ml, £6.49 for 2 ml.
Nails inc : Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat


Lookinh forward to trying this top coat nail polish, now I can add a matte effect to any nail polish I already own. Perfect for the autumn and winter months. Only one coat needed and a full sized product worth £12.

Origins : Anti-Aging Power Serum


A two week supply sample of Origins new launch product. In just two weeks this product says it can help visibly reduce lines and wrinkles.  Also with continued use it will help lift and firm skin for a more youthful appearance.  All you have to do is apply twice a day, once in morning and once in the night to cleansed skin. Full size product costs £48 for 30ml.

So thats the products I recieved and I wonder what else was on offer. Hope you get what you want and I’m looking foward to trying some of these treats out.

To get yours just visit GlossyBox here.


Glossy Box July Revealed

It’s been over 2 years since I last ordered a Glossy Box due to disappointment in not getting the products I wanted and having products piling up around me I knew it was time for a break. I’ve kept up with the products going out each month but nothing really caught my attention enough to grab another box until I saw that the July box was American products. How could I say no this was the perfect box for me especially if I got the products I wanted.

July Glossy Box, Unopened

July Glossy Box, American Flag Inside

The products are recieved are exactly what I wanted and I will be using them over the next week so I can give you a full review of each product.
If you have not yet recieved your box and don’t want to know what the contents could be then please don’t read any lower.

Here are the contents I recieved in my July Glossy Box:

Bellapierre Cosmetics Ltd – Mineral Lipstick

Bellapierre Cosmetics Lipstick in Ruby Red from July Glossy Box

A beautiful mineral lipstick in the colour Ruby (I love my Red Lipstick), an american favourite they are made using natural waxes, mineral pigments and antioxidants including Vitamin C and E. The results are long lasting colour with protection from the sun.  Worth £20 and a full size product.

ABSOLUTE New York – Perfecting Eyeshadow Primer

ABSOLUTE New York - Eyeshadow Primer from July Glossy Box

I was hoping for this product as I’d just come to the last of my Urban Decay primer potion and even though I would happily buy more theres nothing like a new product to test. This oil-free, ultra-creamy formula is said to even out skin tone around the eye area and keeps your eyeshadow crease-free as well and keeping the colour as it should be. Worth $4.99 full size product, my only worry is how to get hold of it if I like it that much.

Carmex -Lip Balm

Carmex - Lip Balm from July Glossy Box

A product loved by many people including celebrities and makeup artists. Carmex is the perfect lip balm to soothe dry lips, with menthol, camphor and beeswax. This product should leave your lips nourished, conditioned and protected from the elements. I’ve been thinking of buying this for a while but always buy my normal lip balm now I have no excuse. Worth £2.69 full size product.

Colour Club Nail Varnish – Glossy Seal

Colour Club Nail varnish - Glossy Seal from July Glossy Box 2014

Colour Club Nail varnish is made in New York with only non-toxic, cruelty free ingredients. The colour Glossy Seal has been formulated just for Glossy Box. $8.00 full size product.

Tarte – Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara

Tarte - Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara from this months Glossy Box

A mascara that lengthens, curls, volumises and condtions for healthy longer lashes. Dermatologist and clinically proven to increase the appearance of lash volume. £19.50 for 7ml.

That’s my line up and I’m looking forward to a week of testing these products, look out for the reviews.


Beauty Box : June GlossyBox Review

Hiya guys,

I had mixed reactions about my GlossyBox this month when It arrived, I was really looking forward to it but at first glance I was left somewhat disappointed at the contents. It could have been all the usual niceness of the packaging wasn’t there, it had been done half heartedly as the black paper was to one side and then the products on the other, presentation matters after all. But after considering and a good look through the contents I was no longer unhappy with what I received only wish Id had the mascara.

Anyway here are the contents of the box I received:

June GlossyBox

GlossyBox Serie Exclusive Pro Beauty Brush

Black elegant brush made with best quality goat hair with natural tips from Asian mountain goat. The supersoft hair is collected when the goat is trimmed, then sanitized and bundled by hand to make these smooth and resilient cosmetic brushes, perfect for bronzing powder.

Me Me Me Cosmetics

The handbag-friendly miniature ‘Sensuous’ Nail Gloss is your new summer essential shade, peach is everywhere at the moment especially the catwalks. This is a beautiful colour which I’m already wearing, the the perfect neutral shade which covers nicely in two coats.

Caudalie Eaux Fraiches – FLEUR DE VIGNE

Fleur de Vigne is an ephemeral flower that only blooms for a few days in June. This cool and lightweight fragrance combines delicate white rose, pink peppercorn and watermelon with energizing grapefruit, mandarin and cedar accents. Non photo-sensitizing, you can wear it in summer or under the sun. Intensely cheerful. This to me is summer in a bottle, I love it and have had many compliments on the beautiful scent.

VICHY Dermablend™ Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick

Dermablend Corrective Foundation is ideal for camouflage of skin concerns such as dark circles, acne marks, redness, dark spots, vitiligo, and the masking of tattoos. Product benefits:
40% pigment concentration- Twice the coverage of a traditional foundation.
Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.
Sweat resistant & water resistant.
SPF 30.
Long lasting-14Hr hold.
Natural finish, with no mask effect.
Available in 7 shades

A very handy sized sample of all colours to see which one suits you best.

BM Beauty : Summer Warmth Powder

A medium, golden mineral bronzer which flatters most skin tones. Sweep over the face for a Summer glow, use as an eyeshadow, or even mix with body lotion to create a shimmering bronzing cream. Looking forward to this, I love the BM beauty range.


Overall not a bad box, already looking forward to the next x

GlossyBox Special Promotion – Take A Look

Ever wanted to try the GlossyBox boxes but not sure if they are worth the money?. How about trying a box with a little discount on top…very tempting. If you want to know more about what you can receive in the GlossyBox boxes and reviews on some of the items please look at previous post for the last couple of months. If your ready for the promotional code just look under the picture below:

Promotion Code: AFFJUNE15OFF , or if you fancy a free Stila Eyeliner enter STILAGIFT12 at the checkout Enjoy x

Review – Weleda Iris Hydrating Day Cream (May GlossyBox)

I’d never heard of this brand before receiving the cream in my May GlossyBox and I wasn’t even sure which beauty cream I had received until I looked it up on the GlossyBox website as well as translating the German on the box. After finding that it was the hydrating day cream I thought it was definitely worth a try since I have a few patches of dry skin on my face so I wanted to see just how hydrating the cream really was. On first opening the product I didn’t like the foil that was sealing the tube as it was too sharp and I know this doesn’t sound like a lot but when the foil is sharp enough to cut you it needs to be mentioned. I’ve listed the pros and the cons of the products below:


  • Sinks easily into skin once applied
  • Leaves skin feeling soft
  • Hydrates almost straight away


  • Smell is slightly off -putting
  • Unappealingyellowy colour
  • Skin needs to be exfoliated before applying


Not a bad product but slightly too heavy for summer,my skin feels a little to clogged and in warm weather I think its especially important for your skin to be able to breathe.