Illamasqua : Generation Q Collection

The New Illamasqua Generation Q Collection is set to be huge, the Autumn / Winter collection which is described as ageless has had fans of the brand at the edge of their seats for months.  The brand asks have you ever noticed that make up like clothes is targeted towards certain types and certain ages. With this collection all that changes, why shouldn’t you be glamorous when your 60 … you ages changes not who you are as a person.

“Generation Q empowers and complements the user with light reflective not age reflective products. The collection is a story of sultry, forbidden shimmer and creative formulations to build dimension.”

The collection is due to make is apperence on the 6th September, book it on your calender as its going to be a good one, in this collection is:

  • 2 Eye Shadow Palettes
  • 2 Nail Varnishes (One of which is Black & Sparkly)
  • 2 Blushers
  • 2 Lip Glosses
  • 2 Lipsticks
  • Gold Liquid Eyeliner
  • Gleam Cream repackaged as a Highlighter


I can’t wait to get my hands on these x

Illamasqua’s New Time Capsule Collection – Naked Strangers


[blockquote_right]Naked Strangers captures inner glow and depths. The deeply and darkly alluring exists alongside ethereal shimmering brilliance.[/blockquote_right]

After some investigation to find out more about this collection I can honestly say I am looking forward to this hitting the shops. It’s only a small collection been released for summer 2012 but the nudes, golds, shimmers and mattes are something to look forward to.  It’s a far cry from the bright colours in the spring Human Fundamentalism collection but its perfect minimal make up for summer with maximum impact.

[blockquote_right]Naked Strangers represents everything about borderlines…the human edge between romance and permissive intimacy…a step beyond control, a step past the edge and a collection of gilded moments upon the tip of sensation. Beautiful nudes with metallic edge set amongst eclectic textures.[/blockquote_right]
The collection is going to include two new lip glosses, one will be an intense lip gloss called ” Stranger ” which is platinum gold and the other a sheer lip gloss called ” Intimacy ” which is a nude pink brown.

Also on the way are two new powder blushers , once called ” Zygomatic” which is a naked pink brown and ” Naked Rose” which is a lovely pink shade.

And finally not to be missed and I’m surely going to get all three of these, brand new nail vanishes:

  • Monogamous – Creamy Flesh Pink
  • Faithful – Coppered Metal
  • Swingers – Platinum Gold


Naked Strangers will hit the website to registered users this Wednesday (23rd) and the whole collection will go nationwide on Thursday 31st May.

Follow @Illamasqua on twitter as they are posting new photos of the nail varnishes and the rest of the collection swatches may be next to follow.

M.A.C BabyBloom & Euristocrats II Swatches

Hey Guys,

Heres some swatches of the Baby Bloom lip tints and the Euristrocrats II Dazzleglasses and Lipsticks for you. Yes I picked my favorites but I will try and get swatches of the rest for you all.

Also here are the pearl glide eyeliners for the Love That Look collection.

For an in depth review on the collections please visit my blog.

M.A.C and Benefit – Lipgloss, Lipglass & Lustreglass

Hey guys,

I know like me loads of you love you lipgloss/lipglass etc so here are a few swatches of mine:


Didnt hear it from me – this is a lovely nude color for everyday.

My people your people – a little bit of shimmer but still subtle.


Nice Kitty – Gorgeous colour from the hello kitty collection and the sparkle you get from it is amazing.

Viva Glam VI – Warm plum with multi-dimentional pearl, one of my fave this suits everyone.

Crescent – Not one of my fave as brown doesnt suit me much but looks gorgeous over fresh brew lipstick.

Flashmode – Fuchsia flashed-up with white sparkle pearl- I recommed this color I love it so much.