International Superstar ( GlossyBox August & Lux Box July )

I created a look mainly made up from my beauty boxes this month, I’ll review each product individually later (if I haven’t already) so check back for a look at what I thought of the product.






  • GlossyBox Lipstick – Glossy Pink
  • Lipcote






Magnifibres : Brush On Lashes Review ( Lux Box July )

I really couldn’t wait to try this product, a product that says it can  give you the false eye lash effect without the hassle of applying false eye lashes, its a simple concept which you can use with all your favourite mascaras. Just apply one coat of your mascara,  a coat of the brush on false lashes and then another coat of your mascara… simple but how affective is it?. The idea is the fibres will stick to your drying lashes and then you apply another coat of mascara which pulls and lengthens the fibres giving the appearance of your lashes been longer.

I really can’t see how I’ve lived without this product, so much better than sitting their trying to apply false lashes perfectly and much quicker to apply too. My lashes did appear much longer and I really did love the overall effect. If you’ve got the knack of applying false lashes or prefer them then you don’t have to suddenly start using this but it would be great for beginners or something similar for those who don’t like the thought of glueing false lashes on. Personally I think this is a great product and I am definitely going to be using it a lot. I’d love to compare it to similar products on the market to see which would come out on top.

A product that has to be tried to see how amazing your lashes will look, nothing complicated about applying it and a great result.

Inika Certified Organic Eye Liner Peacock Blue Review ( Lux Box July )

Having first trying this product in GlossyBox a couple months back I didn’t hold much hope for a second chance with this eye liner. Although not a bad product I couldn’t say I’d rush out and buy the product when received the black eye liner back then. The brand itself splits its focuses:  half of the INIKA product range is Certified Organic, the other half comprises of 100% pure mineral make up but all INIKA products are Vegan, Certified Halal and Certified Cruelty Free. So far I haven’t found a make up brand that caters for so many needs.


When I first saw that I had received this eye liner but in a different colour I wasn’t looking forward to trying it, especially blue which due to my colouring seems to wash me out more than most colours. But I have to say I was wrong, the colour has such a gorgeous shine too it and worked perfectly with my Purple Passion look. Not only was the colour pay off more than I could have wished for but also the formula seemed different this time. The pencil was softer and glided on so smoothly and I smudged it to achieve the look I wanted. Also the purple eyeshadow dabbed over this eye liner seemed to give it a foil effect which looked amazing. To think I probably would never have tried this again if I hadn’t received it and I would have missed out.