Bettyhula Products Review – Lux Box August

I have found one of my favourite products since the August Lux Box landing on my doorstep. As soon as I opened the box there was this gorgeous smell so I must have looked so silly smelling each product until I found the one radiating the scent. The product in question was the Bettyhula Champagne & Spice Shea Butter Moistering Cream, the smell is what got my attention but there is so much more to this amazing product.


The cream itself was thick, creamy, soft and melted easily into my skin. The smell lingered the perfect amount noticible but not overwhelming. Full of natural ingredients that are good for your skin, I felt the difference in my skin after the first couple of days using this and its true what it says on the skin “no man can resist”. Its even suitable for skin complaints as well as for mums to be. This is more than worth the try, you wont regret giving it a try.

Available at enter the discount code ” SAVEINSEPT ” for £5 off when you spend £40 or more. Valid until September 30th. Or enter ” EARLYAUTUMN ” for £2 off when you spend £20.


Beauty Box: Lux Box August Review

My Lux Box August has finally arrived and I’m so excited to see whats in side, nothing like a bit of LUXury to make the day a little bit sweeter. So I’m going to grab a coffee and let you know what is in one of my favourite boxes. They are late out as you can guess from the arrival date but I’m sure that the contents will more than make up for that.

If you want to know what is in it then look below:


I’m so excited this is a gorgeous box full of plenty of body and skin goodies, I can’t wait to try each of these items. I was actually going to buy the Black & White Hair Pomade as I wanted it but lucky I held off as LuxBox has come through yet again.

Inside The Box

  • Black & White Genuine Pluko Hair Dressing Pomade 50ml (Very Happy)
  • Betty Hula – Champagne & Spice Shea Butter Moisturising Cream ( This has scented the whole box and it smells beautiful)
  • B.Liv by Cellnique – Utmost Moisture Immerse Me Original Japan Silk Mask 100% Pure (I haven’t had a mask for ages so I’m looking forward to this one, pamper night I think.)
  • Skinkind Cosmetics – Unique Moisturiser
  • Murad –  Oil-Free Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF30


I will let you know more on my thoughts of the individual products once I have tried and tested. I’m definitely going to have a great pampering session with this box .

International Superstar ( GlossyBox August & Lux Box July )

I created a look mainly made up from my beauty boxes this month, I’ll review each product individually later (if I haven’t already) so check back for a look at what I thought of the product.






  • GlossyBox Lipstick – Glossy Pink
  • Lipcote






Gatineau Essential Skin Corrector Review ( Lux Box July)

A thick luxurious cream which is said to smooth out first signs of wrinkles and improve the radiance and comfort of your skin. The brand is well known for its advancements in anti-ageing and their skincare range offers an anti-ageing shield that offers complete protection internally and externally. Its to be used morning and evening which I have now been doing for the last week, here’s what I thought:



I loved this product for the fact it does exactly what it says, my skin was much more radiant that usual and smoothed my skin without leaving a heavy feeling to it. The cream was absorbed so easily into my skin but I did let it warm in my hand for a couple of minutes before applying it to my face. I’d love to keep using this especially with some very important events coming up. Its currently 20% Off here so I may make the most of that deal. There’s nothing like been told how good your skin looks when you’ve been up late a couple nights in a row.

Beauty Boxes : Lux Box ( July Box )

After the success of last months Lux Box I can’t wait to see what they have for us this month, while last months box had a bit of everything ranging from make up to face cleanser to body exfoliator and even a teeth cleanser, what are you expecting to be in this months box?


I am so pleased with this months box, I love every single item in it and can’t wait to try them all. If you don’t want to know whats in the box then look away now.

Inside The Box

    • Inika Ceritfied Organic Eye Liner : Peacock Blue – I originally recieved a black eye liner in my GlossyBox a couple of months back and wasn’t too fond on it but I love the colour of this one and I will definitely give it a go. The eye liner is rich in colour and gentle which according to them has real staying power. I’ve already tested how the eye liner intensives with a sweep of eye shadow over the top.. you have to try it.
    • Gatineau Essential Skin Corrector – A thick luxurious cream which is said to smooth out first signs of wrinkles and improve the radiance and comfort of your skin. The brand is well known for its advancements in anti-ageing and their skincare range offers an anti-ageing shield that offers complete protection internally and externally. Its to be used morning and evening so I’ll report back after a week to tell you my findings, I’ve already tried it once this morning.


  • Magnifibres :  Brush On False Lashes – I can’t wait to try this I’m interested how good the false eye lash effect will be, its a simple concept which you can use with your favourite mascaras. Just apply one coat of your mascara,  a coat of the brush on false lashes and then another coat of your mascara… simple but how affective is it?
  • BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream – The Gold Caviar BB Cream is said to be multi functional as its great for anti-ageing, lightening , sun protection as it has SPF50, wrinkle repair, cover and moistursing. Can one BB cream do all this?. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to tell with the two small sachet samples but I’ll try my best of course. It’s made from real caviar extracts which doesn’t sounds too pleasing but I’ll give it a try.
  • Yana Cosmetics Foundation – A lightweight creamy foundation which I have been really looking forward to trying and I’m wondering if I ordered a shade too light, oh well only trial will tell. It offers full coverage, an airbrush look which is suitable for all skin types. Also as if I didn’t like it so much already its also not tested on animals, non comedogenic, bendable and long lasting. I can’t wait to report my findings on this foundation.

Delicious Teeth: Tooth Cleanser Review ( June LuxBox )

As I said in my June LuxBox review this is a brilliant new concept in tooth cleaning, Danwood and Tanner have brought us these delicious flavoured tooth cleansers which I adore.  Presented in a pump bottle this is a product you don’t want to miss. There are 4 flavours to try which are Garden Mint, Brazilian Lime, Sicilian Lemon and English Peppermint. I received the English Peppermint and my first thoughts I have to admit were, what do I want a toothpaste for I can get that at the supermarket. After reading up on them and seeing that they had 4 flavours, I thought I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on the lime or lemon but I’ll finish this one first I think.


The English peppermint tastes like the fox glacier mints I had as a child and its almost like eating them not brushing my teeth. The flavour is very refreshing and my teeth still had that squeaky clean flavour up until lunch time. It’s tastes so good its actually hard to believe that its good for your teeth. The essential ingredients are:

  • Sodium Fluoride – They think the right amount of Sodium Fluoride to be a very important ingredient. This will help strengthen the enamel, the outer layer of the tooth, as well as help reduce sensitivity.
  • Xylitol – Which has been proven to help prevent tooth decay.
  • Sodium Bicarbonate – Which is a natural tooth whitener, it is also the ingredient that neutralises damaging plaque acids.



All in all I’d say this is a must try x

Look: Down To Earth ( Green People, Flick Tips, Lux Box )

In my Lux Box this month I received an eco eye shadow trio from Green People, this little compact has three beautiful shades to create the perfect look. The shade I recieved in my box was Earth and I think this will create a lovely down to earth look, hence the name. Green People are a British organic product company that has been running for 15 years and they sell a wide range of organic products such as skincare, make up and hair products just to name a few. I used these to create the look:



  • Me Me Me Cosmetics : Flawless Finish Tinted Moisturiser SPF 15 – Porcelain Pure
  • MUA : Mosaic Blusher – English Rose



  • E.L.F. Pearl Eye Primer
  • Sleek Primer Palette
  • Green People: Eco Eye Shadow Trio – Earth
  • Benefit Eyeliner Pencil – Onyx
  • Flicktips – Classic
  • Me Me Me Cosmetics: Fat Cat Mascara – Ultra Black



  • M.A.C  Lipstick – Creme De La Femme
  • Barry M Cosmetics : Lipgloss –  Limited Edition Silver Glitter


Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream Review

I have used many of the Balance Me products now and each one has lived up to my expectations. I received the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream in my first Lux Box and have been using it ever since. It’s replaced my Benefit Eye Con, I now use this cream in the morning and night.

A triple action eye cream to help revitalise weary eyes, smooth away dark shadows and reduce the appearance of the fine lines with super hydrating hyaluronic acid to help brighten and smooth the delicate skin around the eyes.


A naturally active lightweight cream which my skin absorbs so easily, the ingredients include Roman chamomile and skin-brightening lemon, cucumber oil and witch hazel with super hydrating hyaluronic acid. Also anti-oxidant spruce knot, softening and smoothing virgin coconut, rosehip, carrot oils, all of this mixed up into one little cream to help brighten and smooth the delicate skin around your eyes.

How to apply: Twice Daily after moisturising, just pat and smooth around the eye area.

Beauty Box: LuxBox ( June Box )

My LuxBox was a little late coming this month which means the independent reviews will probably run behind too as I want to properly try the products before reviewing them. This months LuxBox is a mix of skincare, make up, body care and even a little help in the teeth department. Without further delaying a look at this very nice box:


I am already in love with this months box, so many great bits n bobs to add to my growing collection of skin and make up supplies.

Inside the box this month is:

  • Delicious Teeth: Tooth Cleanser – A brilliant new concept in tooth cleaning, Danwood and Tanner have brought us these delicious flavoured tooth cleansers, presented in a pump bottle this is a product you don’t want to miss. There are 4 flavours to try which are Garden Mint, Brazilian Lime, Sicilian Lemon and English Peppermint. I have the English Peppermint but I seriously love it so much I wouldn’t mind trying the rest, after trying it for the last couple of days I can definitely say a better taste is an encouragement. Made with the best ingredients and most natural taste.
  • Kelly Edwards Skincare : Exfoliating Cream – I’m looking forward to trying this product, it smells nice and natural but so far I don’t like the look of the texture. The label says gently polishes so we’ll give it a try and see if it does just that.
  • Murad Time Release Blemish Cleanser – I love the Murad products so I can’t wait to try this one, I’m lucky I think my skin only breaks out maybe once a month so it will be interesting to see how this product works in that situation.
  • Green People : Eco Eye Trio Earth – The shades that come in this trio are very natural, very easy to make a everyday look from them, the type thats almost as if your not wearing make up. I’m looking forward to seeing the results from this Eco friendly make up.
  • First Aid Beauty Daily Face Cream – I’ve heard of this brand before but never tried it, since I have dry skin I’m hoping the added hydration will do me good.

A short and sweet post this month but hopefully I’ll have full reviews of these products going up soon and of course its nearly time for next box 🙂

Beauty Box: Lux Box (May Box)

I am so excited by this months Lux Box in one word it really is awesome. Not one product that I dislike and I can’t wait to try each one. This months beauty box has something for everyone, hands, face, lips, make-up related, in my opinion no-one can lose out. I’ve already tried  two of the products and Im quite sure I will have tried them all before the day is through. I hadn’t heard of any of these brands before trying so I can give you an honest opinion once I review the items fully.

Here’s what was in the box:

  • Di Palomo – Hand and Nail Cream : Blended using the finest ingredients including Olive 7 Grape seed oils to leave your hands soft, smooth and nourished. The one I had was Orange Blossom with Wild Honey & Olive. It smells beautiful not too over powering.
  • The Rosebud Perfume Co. Mocha Rose Tube : Easy application of a chocolate cafe treat, this mocha rose lip balm smells so edible it makes you want to lick your lips. Its packed with Shea butter, vitamin e and a secret recipe of botanicals and essential oils. It glides on and is non sticky, my lips already feel softer. I don’t think this tube is going to last long.
  • Murad – AHA / BHA Exfoliating Cleanser : A best seller with Jojoba beads to polish away dullness and deep-down impurities. Whilst the other ingredients work to reveal radiant and youthful skin. Use 2-3 times a week for smooth, soft, hydrated skin. Light formula with only a slight fragrance. Looking forward to trying and reviewing this one.
  • Papier Poudre – Rachel Booklet : Developed at the beginning of the 20th century when face powder was applied at the dressing table and would have to last all day whilst away from home. The natural ingredients have special absorbent qualities for cleansing the pores,lifting oil dust and dirt from the skin and soaking up excess oils to keep your face looking fresh. Removes shine and leaves a delicate trace of powder and an instant matt finish to make-up. Available in 3 shades Rachel – medium/dark, Rose – light skin types, White – Very light skin types. Already thinking of getting this its such a great product.
  • Sensationelle – Flicktips : Instant eyeliner extensions, no more erasing and reapplying with these in your make-up bag. Just apply your top eyeliner and add a flick its that simple. Why struggle when you can get the perfect cats eye in an instant or maybe something more daring like multiple flicks. These look like a quick fix in the mornings I’ll have to give them a try and put them to the test very soon.

Here’s a little video for you too: